The Board Hound's Virtual Training & Behavior Consultations

All consultations are FREE and meet with our Head Trainer, Mary Crawford, CPDT-KA using Google Meet, a virtual meeting platform.

Standard Training Consultation

Discuss your training goals, and learn about our services.

  • Group Obedience Class registration (new training clients)
  • Private lessons
  • Eligibility for Board & Train or Play School services

Please schedule a Behavior Consultation if your dog is displaying aggressive or reactive behaviors (growling/barking/lunging) at other dogs or people.

Duration: 30 minutes

Puppy Consultation

For puppies under 16 weeks old

Discuss your training and socialization goals for your new puppy, and get some immediate tips on how to tackle challenging puppy behaviors.

Required for:

  • Enrollment in Puppy Kindergarten
  • Daycare or boarding attendance for young puppies

Duration: 30 minutes

Behavior Consultation

Discuss your dog’s challenging behavior and learn about your training options.

For complex behavior issues that may require behavior modification, such as:

  • Leash reactivity (barking, growling lunging, etc at others while on leash)
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Socialization challenges
  • Aggression
  • Resource guarding

Duration: 1 hour

Before-You-Get-Your-Dog Consultation

Adopting a new dog? Bringing home a new puppy? This consultation option is for you!

Talk to our Head Trainer about how to prepare for your new friend, help them settle into your home, and learn about all our services.

Duration: 30 minutes